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Why Choose A Waterbed?

The following list includes just a few of the most important reasons.


It is a scientific fact water can not be compressed, it can only be displaced.

What this means in terms of using water in a bed is that it will naturally conform to your body's shape and does not "push back" against your body weight. With all other forms of sleep systems your body weight compresses the materials they are constructed of, meaning they can't help but push back against you. This pushing back effect will exert pressure points on your body which leads to reduced blood circulation, muscle stiffness, and for people confined to bed for long periods of time, severe bed sores.   

The flotation style of support by displacement on a waterbed allows the user to lay comfortably in any sleeping position, whether you are a side, back, or even stomach sleeper.

A far to common misconception is that a waterbed is not good for a person who believes that they need a "firm" mattress. You know, the ones who say they can sleep on the floor. Do not make the mistake of believing that a waterbed is soft because you sink into it. Once your body weight has settled into a waterbed you are actually being supported by something that CAN NOT be compressed, meaning it is actually the firmest form of support available.

Another benefit of this system of support is that when you lie on a waterbed it conforms to your body's shape, when you leave the bed the water flows back to a flat position, and this happens repeatedly for as long as you sleep on the bed. What this means is that while all forms of beds that work on compression are deteriorating in their ability to feel like they did when you bought them, the waterbed will deliver the same great feel and support in 20 years as it does the first time you sleep on it.      

Have you noticed that every new form of bed developed over the last few decades (pocket coils, memory foam, gel beds, etc.) have all been trying to achieve the full body support that water gives naturally? Oh yes, and they are not temperature controlled like a flotation sleep system is!

Therapeutic warmth

We have all known for years about the soothing effects of warm water on sore stiff muscles. Remember hot water bottles? The waterbed is the largest form of a hot water bottle in the world, and you can sleep on it every night. Imagine slipping into bed after a hard day's work (or play) and having your temperature controlled sleep system relieve your pain while you sleep.

Ask anyone who suffers from arthritis, fibromyalgia, or many other medical conditions that use heat to relieve pain, how the warmth of a heated waterbed relieves their suffering.

Most newer mattress systems make the user too warm (memory foam) or too cold (hey, let's infuse gel into memory foam to make it cooler!), while the waterbed allows you to set the temperature exactly where you want it, and accurately maintains the setting until you decide to alter it. 

Cleanliness and non-allergenic properties

Dust, dead skin cells, dust mites. Wouldn't it be great if there was a type of mattress that didn't allow these things to collect inside? Oh wait, there is! None of these things can penetrate the vinyl used to contain the water with a flotation sleep system. Simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth and you have the cleanest, healthiest, most allergen free sleeping environment you can own.      

Your economy

Just about any doctor, chiropractor, or sleep expert will tell you that you should replace your mattress every ten years, no matter how high quality or how much you paid for it. This is because anything that works on compression, and gets used every day for roughly eight hours per day, is quite literally worn out by then. Of course we have already discussed how waterbeds don't wear out in this fashion, but as with anything they do not last for ever. Imagine how inexpensive being able to replace any component in the bed individually is compared to having to replace a conventional mattress. Long time waterbed owners can tell you that they have saved hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over the years.  


So you have decided a new waterbed is right for you (whether from a recommendation from your doctor, chiropractor, friends, or your own research), but you have an existing beautiful and high quality bed frame or headboard that you wish to keep. The soft sided style of waterbed is the answer.

If your bedroom ensemble includes a platform style bed frame you can purchase any of our soft sided mattress models, and with very little conversion work to accept the additional weight (please see our services section or contact us for more information), you will be enjoying the support and comfort of a flotation sleep system.

If you wish to use an existing headboard only or a surround style of bed frame (these designs use a box spring and metal roller frame or equivalent) then you will need to purchase a heavy duty waterbed foundation and metal stand to complete your conversion. If you currently use a bed skirt with your existing set you will be able to continue to use it with this configuration, however we would ask that you contact us for advice on proper installation of this item.  

These are just a few of the long list of advantages of owning a flotation sleep system. Please come in to our showroom for a personal demonstration, contact us by phone or email, or read our blog at lovemywaterbed.ca for more information. You will be glad that you did.

Other Informational sources

There are all sorts of opinions about waterbeds all over the internet, some relatively accurate, and others not so much! When you are doing research beyond the information contained on this page, we would ask that you logically weigh the opinions given. 

As an example, someone tells a story about having a few too many drinks while filling a waterbed, and then blames the bed when it breaks due to serious overfilling. We would ask if they blame their car when they over imbibe, and then have a traffic accident? Or how about the ones who say a waterbed is too heavy for the floor? Waterbeds have been around for over 40 years now, and if one had ever crashed through a floor, conventional mattress people would most certainly have made sure that you heard about it! 

Perhaps the best advice is to look at the posts by people who have owned waterbeds long term. You will start to realize, as they do, that high quality flotation sleep systems do not cause back problems, flood the neighbourhood, crash through floors, etc., but are in fact the most supportive, healthy, and comfortable choice of well informed consumers today.