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Why Choose A Futon?

With the beautiful styling of today's modern futon sofas, they make an excellent alternative not only to sofa beds, but to sofa sets as well. When you purchase a futon sofa or grouping from The Futon Loft you have many frame styles, firmness levels, and fabric and colour options to choose from.

Futon sofa vs. sofa beds

  • Traditional sofa beds are exceptionally heavy and hard to move. Futon sofas, with their component based design, are not only lighter to begin with, but you can move the frame and futon mattress separately, making it much easier to relocate.
  • With a thin mattress designed to fold into the body of the unit, sofa beds are extremely uncomfortable to sleep on. With the futon sofa, you choose the firmness and comfort level you prefer, and it remains constant, as the choice you made for sitting on is the same surface that you sleep on.
  • We hear  from many customers that finding replacement mattresses for sofa beds has proven to be more difficult than they thought. Replacing a futon mattress is as easy as coming into the store or ordering online. We carry most firmness levels in stock, so once you inform us of the size of your futon you can generally take one home with you or have it shipped as early as the next day.

Futon sofas and groupings vs. regular sofas and groupings

  • When shopping for a conventional sofa or grouping, remember that you can't judge a sofa by its cover. Many people have purchased sofas with good quality upholstery, only to find the framing under the fabric to be substandard (ever seen a sofa being held up by books on one end?). With a futon sofa you see the frame before you purchase. The solid woods used to construct futon frames will last a lifetime with normal use.
  • Tired of the look of your sofa set? Fabric has become worn or uncleanable? With conventional sofa groupings you either replace the whole unit, or pay handsomely to have it reupholstered. With a futon grouping you simply order new, fully removable covers, and you have an entirely new looking set.
  • Lots of space in the basement, loft, rec room, etc. for a new sofa but you can't fit one up or down the stairs? Futon sofas with their component based design can be located to any room in the home and assembled once there. They can also be disassembled to easily relocate to another room and then reassembled in their new space.    
  • Conventional sofas, even high quality ones that last well, will still only ever be sofas. Futon sofas on the other hand will not only be exceptionally comfortable seating, but every one, in every size, easily converts to a bed for those unexpected guests that we all seem to get.

Futon sizes

Another of the great advantages of futon sofas is their vast range of size options. When you choose a double size futon sofa, it actually converts to a true double bed size for sleeping, unlike most conventional sofa beds or klic-klak (often mistakenly called futons) sofa beds. Most futon sofas are available in queen size as well. This is ideal for people who are taller or just want more room to stretch out and relax.

Another model that is unique to futon sofas is the studio sleeper. The studio sleeper is available in two sizes, either a large chair (39" X 54" sitting surface), or a love seat size sofa (54" X 54" sitting surface). The frame includes an extension, which remains hidden until needed, which will convert it to a true single or double size bed. With the addition of a 39" X 21" or 54" X 21" futon mattress extension, which is usually stored until needed, you now have a true single or double size guest bed. For more information and to view an example of this style of frame, please visit our Studio Sleeper page.

​We are confident that once you learn about all of the benefits of high quality futon sofas and groupings, you will realize that not only will they look great your home for years to come, but with their replaceable component based design, they are much less expensive over time than any other form of sofa, sofa grouping, or sofa bed that you can own.  

Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact our knowledgeable futon experts by phone or email. We are always happy to help.