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After I fractured my neck in a skiing accident in the early 1980's a good night's sleep was impossible. One night in a waterbed and the pain was gone.

As you know, I have been dealing with your firm since I moved to Brampton. You and your staff have always been accommodating and professional as it relates to both of the waterbeds I have purchased from your company.​ I would highly recommend ANYONE with back or neck pain to purchase a waterbed from your firm. The knowledge base and after sale service at your company are second to none.

​It has been 34 years since that devastating ski injury, and i know that without a waterbed restful sleep would be impossible. I hope your firm is around for many years to come as I don't even think of calling anyone else when it comes to waterbeds.

Hoping for your continued success in converting the masses.

Lance Orr - Precise Engineering.​​

 Hi Paul:
    Well we got it all together and there is only one word to say how we feel about our soft sided waterbed. That is PERFECT!  Marge and I took a couple of nights to get used to the plushness, but now we both sleep just great, with little or no moving during the night. We wake up feeling very rested but we don`t want to get out of bed, lol.                          Paul, I can`t stress enough that everyone should be sleeping on a waterbed, either it be a hard or soft sided. It is the best sleep ever and good for posture. Also, you know that we have had a hard sided bed for a long time and have enjoyed it very much but this bed is just over the top. Thanks for the very friendly service and excellent product.                  Thanks, Ken and Marge - Listowel ON.

We first met Paul in September 2011. We had just moved from Germany to Canada and we had to find "someone" to set up our waterbed that we brought with us. It seemed very difficult to find a specialist for that, but then we found Paul from GTA Furniture Central/Waterbed City. Enjoying waterbeds for more than 10 years already (all in Germany) my wife Anett and I never experienced better service than with Paul. Fast, friendly, clean and reliable is how we would describe the service. 

As we moved from a Condo to a house (because of the birth of our son) we bought a Zip-it mattress and furniture from Paul, and again we experienced the same fabulous service as soon as we stepped into his shop in Brampton. By the way, our guests love this bed that Paul recommended, and we appreciate the great deal he gave us on the purchase!

​If you are visiting his site now, go ahead and make an appointment with him for whatever you need. You won't be disappointed, that's for sure!

Thanks very much Paul for your great products and services over the years since we have been here.

Anett, Raphael & Stephan.

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I am amazed at how much better my body feels. I noticed a difference the first morning and each day since it is getting better. I have not had to take Tylenol 3 for the past few days and my pain went from 10 to about a 2 which I can manage. Your advice on which model was best for me was right on, I just love this bed! I wish I had found you 20 years ago. Thank you so much. Best $$$ I ever spent.

Jackie Baycroft 

506 Broadview Dr.                                                                                                                                   

Pembroke, ON  K8A 0B7                                                                                                                          


  In early 2012 we were recommended by our doctor to get a waterbed. The first store we visited was Waterbed City and we liked their soft sided models, but having no idea of what a waterbed should cost we decided to shop around. We purchased one elsewhere for $200.00 less and thought we got a good deal.       After less than 6 months the frame collapsed and punctured through the outer cover, water bladder, and safety liner. We were told by the place we had bought it from that there was nothing they could do for us (other than sell us a new bed) as it had been punctured and therefore it was not a warranty issue. We were ready to throw the whole thing out and go back to a regular mattress, but after we calmed down we realized how much we liked sleeping on the waterbed.            We went back to Waterbed City prepared to buy a new bed. Instead they got our cover repaired, got us a new bladder and liner, and came out and repaired and reinforced the frame, the way it should have been in the first place, for less than half the cost of replacing the complete bed. Of course we would have still been about $400.00 ahead of the game had we just purchased from them originally. LESSON LEARNED!                                                                                           We have since purchased two more waterbeds for our kids and other waterbed supplies from Waterbed City and everything is excellent quality with no problems. If you’re going to buy a waterbed, this is the place.

 Thanks for all your help guys,                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Natalie and Tim - Toronto

I first met Paul from Waterbed City in February of 2013, when I was debating whether to buy a regular bed or a waterbed. After a long and very informative phone call with Paul he had me convinced that the waterbed was definitely the smarter choice. HE WAS SO RIGHT!

After a year of sleeping on the double size soft sided waterbed which I purchased from them a few days later, I have drawn the conclusion that this waterbed has been very supportive for my spine, therapeutic, and comfortable. I quite enjoy the gentle rocking motion which this waterbed gives me!

Paul is an excellent ambassador for waterbeds. On a personal level he is very easy to talk to, and will always take the time to courteously answer any questions you may have about waterbeds in a very knowledgeable and factual manner. Honesty is a very important quality, needless to say, and you will always get honesty and reliability with the staff at Waterbed City.

​Bob Norris - Mississauga
My name is Judith Crawford and I owned a waterbed for over 20 years. When I decided to downsize from a house to a condo, my children talked me into getting rid of my waterbed to try a regular bed. Well, I did give it a try for a little over 6 months and hated it because I was not comfortable and I woke up with aches and pains in my body every morning. This bed cost me close to $1500.00 and I was told its new technology was almost as good as my waterbed. THAT IS SO NOT TRUE!
In any event I went on the internet, got in touch with Waterbed City and spoke to Paul, the most amazing person you ever want to know. Very knowledgeable and experienced in waterbeds, he got me the best waterbed ever. He set it up, made sure everything was properly done, and I have been sleeping comfortably since then with no aches and pains. It's the best investment ever!
Thank you Paul for a job well done and your excellent service.

I spent many months researching waterbeds and finally made up my mind about getting one. Unfortunately where I live (Newfoundland) they are very hard to come by so I came to the conclusion that ordering one online was my best option. I was looking for weeks, checking many websites, getting prices on beds (and shipping of course) until I found Waterbed City. I shot them off an email and within a few hours I got a response from Paul who was beyond helpful answering all my questions, (and I had many).

After deciding on which bed was right for me, he made the purchasing process so easy for it being the biggest purchase I have ever made online. Everything ran so smoothly, even the shipping.

I love my new waterbed and Paul was excellent. I would recommend Waterbed City to anyone. You will NOT be sorry!

​Darren Richards - Conception Bay South, NL

Due to a mobility impairment followed by a motor vehicle accident, I realized that the only way I might be able to sleep comfortably again was to purchase a new waterbed.  I was referred to Waterbed City because they have years of experience with all types of waterbeds. During my first visit to the store, I met Paul.  I explained all of the unique challenges I was facing getting onto and being comfortable on a bed.  We spent two hours talking about my needs.  I was so impressed with his insights and sensitivity.  He asked so many questions and demonstrated an unbelievable commitment to finding the perfect bed for me!  I was also assisted onto several different beds so I could determine if they were suitable for me. When I left the store I could still not believe that an owner/salesperson would care that much about one single person!  ​I can not say enough about how important I felt!  Even after my bed was purchased, follow-up continued until the bed was delivered and installed. I highly recommend this location and can say without hesitation that the staff is amazing.

Lisa J. - Mississauga

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