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Waterbed Services

At Waterbed City we offer a full range of waterbed services to help keep you enjoying your waterbed now and for years to come. 

For customers who already own a waterbed and live in the Greater Toronto Area we offer the following in home services, for both hard sided and soft sided waterbeds: 

  • installation services
  • filling
  • draining
  • dismantling
  • complete waterbed relocation
  • repairs

​Soft sided waterbed mattresses can be used on almost all forms of existing platform style bed frames, surround style bed frames, or headboards which you may already own, often with very little conversion to accept the additional weight. 

For customers who live in the Greater Toronto Area and are looking to purchase a soft sided waterbed, but are unsure if your existing bed frame can be adapted, we will come to your home for an evaluation and recommend the proper conversion method. We will also construct and install the conversion for you when you purchase you new soft sided sleep system from us.

Please contact us by phone or email for price quotes on all services..

For customers who live outside of the Greater Toronto Area, please feel free to contact us by phone or email with any questions you may have about waterbeds. We are always happy to help and share our unsurpassed knowledge of flotation sleep systems. 

Insurance claim services.

Accidents, fires, flood damage ... unfortunately these things happen far more often than we could wish for. If you have had any of these misfortunes, chances are your stress levels are running a little high.

If you need to replace any of your home furnishings through an insurance claim we have a simple 3 step process to help you out.

  1. Choose your items that need to be replaced by shopping in store or online.
  2. Give us your insurance company’s name, along with your contact’s name, phone number, email, and your claim number.
  3. Relax. We will prepare and submit a quote directly to your insurance company, and once we have an approval from them we will contact you with shipping details.

We can’t prevent these things from happening to you, but we can make the aftermath a little easier to deal with.