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When you purchase this item from Waterbed City you will receive this metal adapter which will fit bathroom and kitchen faucets snugly, and the threads will not strip.

This type of adapter generally does not fit faucets correctly, and the threads will strip after as little as one use. Yes, we see you people who have owned one nodding your heads in agreement :)

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What Is The Waterbed City Difference?

Knowledge and Experience

With over three decades of experience in selling and sleeping on waterbeds, our staff can knowledgeably answer any and all questions you may have. We haven't spent all of those years just sitting in a showroom like employees at other stores or companies who are online only. We actually work with people in their homes to ensure their complete enjoyment of their waterbed. This has given us a better understanding of how they use the products, what brands will last the longest, what products are correct for different body types, and much more.


Offering a great selection of products doesn't always mean offering the greatest number of products. The waterbed market (as with most products) is literally flooded with redundant choices. For example, if you are purchasing a hard sided style of waterbed mattress, is there really any significant difference between a 70% motion reduced and a 75% motion reduced? The answer is no. With our experience over the years we have learned that offering four different levels of motion control in hard sided mattresses is all that is ever really needed.
Our line up of hard sided and soft sided flotation products has been carefully selected and designed to satisfy the needs of any and all body types, sleeping habits, and support and comfort levels.

Quality and functionality

We offer only proven, high quality products that work. From the smallest item, to the most expensive purchase, we offer only the best. Let's use as an example the adapter designed to attach any standard garden hose to a faucet for filling purposes. When you purchase this item from most other waterbed outlets, what you will receive is this plastic version.    

The same level of commitment to quality and proper functionality extends to every product that we offer. 


At Waterbed City we offer an absolutely unsurpassed level of service. From in home service calls to alter conventional bed frames for use with waterbeds, to custom designing flotation sleep systems for people with disabilities, we cover every aspect of making sure you enjoy your purchase for years to come.


You will always be able to find "cheaper" products, but that is exactly what you will get. At Waterbed City we could make our beds less expensive by putting lower quality components into them, cutting corners where you don't see it as other places do, but we learned a long time ago that the least expensive product to own is NOT the one that costs the least at time of purchase, but the one that lasts the longest.

If you would like to learn more about waterbeds and our commitment to the highest quality products available, please visit our blog at lovemywaterbed.ca. We are always happy to share our knowledge and experience to help you achieve the best sleep you have ever had.