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What is the Sleepers Specialty Sleep Shop Difference?

Knowledge and experience

With over 30 years of experience in bedroom furnishings and sleep products, we have learned which products will last, what types of sleep systems are correct for different needs, and how to help you get the best value for your money. We know that the ONLY way for you to choose your mattress or other form of sleep system is to invest the proper amount of time in testing them and talking to a professional sales consultant about your individual needs.

When you shop at Sleepers Specialty Sleep Shop, you are not dealing with inexperienced salespeople who are most likely only sleeping on their first or second mattress, but with seasoned and knowledgeable consultants who have slept on all different types of sleep systems ourselves. Let us help you put that experience to work for you.

Quality Products

Our years of experience have taught us what needs to go into a sleep product not only to make it comfortable, but to make it last as long as possible. Over the years we have dealt with over thirty different mattress and specialty sleep product manufacturers, from large brand names to unknown companies. Our product lineup has been chosen with care from manufacturers who have proven time and again that they provide high quality sleep systems designed to last.

When we find a particular product line is not up to our standards, we work with manufacturers to design newer and better ones. From these efforts have come products like our upholstered bed frame and headboard lineup, and the amazing new Zip-it Mattress sleep system. We vow to always sell you a superior quality product, designed to save you money and give peace of mind in the long term.


Unlike most mattress stores, we do not just offer conventional mattresses, but we also include excellent products like fully adjustable air bed systems, power adjustable beds, customizable foam mattresses, and the amazing new Zip-it Mattress sleep system in our lineup. Once you have chosen your perfect sleep system, we also offer a complete line of bed frames, mattress protectors and linens, and accessories to complete your healthy and comfortable sleep environment. We also offer a complete line of high quality solid wood bedroom suites in our GTA Furniture Central division.


From knowledgeable sleep consultants who will help you choose your correct sleep system, to making sure that it is properly installed in your home, we offer an unsurpassed level of commitment to ensure that your new sleep environment will keep you comfortable and well rested for years to come. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to come in to the showroom or contact us by phone or email. We are always here to help.