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Power Adjustable Beds

Once thought to be only for use in hospitals or for the infirm, power adjustable beds have become an excellent alternative sleep system for many reasons. The fully adjustable aspect of this type of bed allows almost unlimited possibilities for relief of various ailments, as well as the convenience of sitting up in bed to read or watch TV. From raising your upper body position for relief of gastric ailments, to raising your leg position for relief of strained back muscles, this system covers it all.

The power adjustable bed has also become one of the alternatives for the growing number of people who have realized that they require a different firmness level or a different sleeping position than their sleep partner.

Of course it also works exceptionally well for its original purpose of making it much easier to care for the infirm or aiding in getting in and out of bed.

We offer high quality power adjustable flex base models with or without built in massage capabilities, and a wide range of mattresses for use on these bases.  

Please visit our showroom for a personal demonstration or contact us by phone or email for more information on these sleep systems. You will be amazed by the possibilities!