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Mattress FAQ

Q. How long is the warranty?

A. Unfortunately this is the wrong question. It should be asked, how good is the warranty? People are told that the warranties on most mattresses nowadays are 20 or 25 years. Any product that gets used to the extent that your mattress does (8 hours per day, every day) will not last more than a maximum of 15 years, and even the highest quality mattress can not perform to their original ability after 10 years. Always find out what is covered by the warranty and what conditions apply.

Q. Can I use this mattress without a box spring?

A. Yes. Most mattresses built today are designed to be used on just about any surface, from platform style bed frames, to bunk beds, to placing it directly on the floor. If you are not using a matching foundation, always make sure that your style of bed frame has the correct level of support for the mattress (wide enough slats, sufficient centre support, correct number of slats, etc.) to keep it from sagging.   

Q. If I don't like it, can I return it?

A. If you are shopping at a place that doesn't know how to help you choose the correct sleep system in the first place, then you are at the wrong store. There should be absolutely no reason to return a new mattress if you have taken the proper amount of time and obtained the correct advice during the shopping process. With the bed bug infestations that are prevalent in many areas nowadays, there are fewer reputable companies who will accept returns of mattresses that have been slept on.

We hope this information will answer some of the basic questions about mattresses however sleep systems are very personal products and the correct one for you takes time and testing to determine. Please drop by the showroom for a demonstration of our great lineup of high quality mattresses and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.