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Q. My kids are rough on stuff. How will your beds stand up to them?

A.Very well, as long as you choose the correct mattress and frame for their weight range and activity level. A good mattress will last even an active child for a minimum of 10 years. A low quality inexpensive mattress will not perform nearly as well, but fortunately for you and your children we don't sell those.

Special attention should be given to the frame the mattress will rest on as well. Most people today are opting for platform style frames, day bed frames, or bunk bed frames over box spring and roller frame setups, and that's great as long as it is well constructed. Our selection of solidly built platforms, day beds and bunk beds will endure just about anything your child can give it.

Q. How much should I plan on spending  on a bed for my child?

A. The rule of thumb is approximately two thirds of what you would spend on a bed for yourself. The less expensive price tag is due to two main factors. Firstly you are usually purchasing a smaller size bed (single or double size as opposed to queen or king size for adults) and secondly you should plan on your child's needs outgrowing what you purchase for them now in about 10 years.

Q. My kids have been bugging me for a waterbed. Should I get them one?

A. Absolutely! Children's skeletal structures are developing from birth up until approximately 18 years of age. Having that development happen on a sleeping surface that fully and naturally supports their body by displacement rather than compression allows proper skeletal growth and alignment. For more information on this topic please visit our Why Choose a Waterbed and Waterbed FAQ sections in our Waterbed City division.

These are just a few of the questions we get most often. Please drop by the showroom or contact us by email or phone to have our professional staff answer yours. We are always happy to help. 

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