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Futon FAQ

Q. How will your frames stand up to punishment (kids jumping on them etc.)? 

A. As with any piece of furniture, they are not trampolines, however, our high quality solid wood frames are constructed in a manner that will withstand much more abuse than many futon frames, or regular sofas for that matter.

Q. I have a good quality futon frame that I purchased many years ago. The frame is still in great shape but it could use a new mattress. Will your mattress fit my frame?

A. Yes. Futon frames have always been constructed in conventional mattress sizes (single, double, queen) so just make sure to determine your frame size, and order the corresponding size mattress.   

Q. Can I replace just the cover by itself?

A. Yes. We have over 200 fabric and colour choices available for our covers and accent cushions, which can all be ordered in whatever size you need to fit your futon mattress. Changing the cover alone can make your futon look like an entirely new sofa. 

Q. The rec room is in the basement and we can't get a sofa down the stairs. Will I be able to get a futon to the room?

A. All futon frames are a constructed and shipped in individual pieces. Assembly is required, but this design is what allows access to any room in your home. We have even had customers install them in their attic. The mattress is also an entirely separate item that comes folded, and covers are about the same as a good set of sheets. Narrow hallways, stairwells, and low access doorways are no longer an obstacle when you purchase a futon sofa.

Q. Can I use a futon mattress for sleeping every night?

A.  We have many customers who use nothing but futon mattresses for their full time bed. A good quality futon mattress is quite comfortable and will rival many conventional mattresses for durability and life span. They are also much less expensive when replacement time comes.   

We hope you have gained some useful information from these questions and the answers provided. If you have any other questions not addressed here, please drop by the showroom or contact us by phone or email. We will be happy to answer any inquiries or address any concerns you may have.