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Furniture FAQ

Q. We would like to add to our existing bedroom set. Can you match the colour of our pieces?

A. Because we deal with Canadian companies who manufacture and finish high quality solid wood furniture, there is a good chance that we can. Simply bring us a drawer from one of your pieces. We will determine wood type and age, and show you our suggestions for the best match of both colour and style.

Q. Our sofa set is a few years old. Should we think about reupholstering it or buying a new set?

A. This depends on the quality of the frame under the upholstery.

If your set is less than 10 years old and needs to be re-covered due to wear, it did not have high quality fabric to start with, and most likely won't have a great quality frame either. Replacing this set entirely would be our advice.

If your set is older than 10 years and still very solid, reupholstering may be an option.  At this point you need only ask yourself if you still love the design, and only want the pattern or colour to be changed.

Q. We have decided that high quality, solid wood furniture is the way to go. What is your advice on wood types?

A. This depends on what kind of use it gets. 

Pine is a soft wood which can be easily dented, but takes different stains well, and if crafted correctly, will last a lifetime. It is best used in bedroom furnishings, as they do not take the type of abuse of something like dining chairs which are moved frequently, or tables having items placed on and removed from them daily.

Oak, ash, maple, walnut, cherry, or any other hardwoods used in furniture manufacturing are much more resistant to dents and scratches. They will work well for furniture used in any room in your home.

These are just some of the questions we answer regularly. If you have any inquiries about furniture for any room in your home, please drop by the showroom or contact us by phone or email. Our knowledgeable staff are always here to help.