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Choosing Mattresses 101


It should go without saying that the number one deciding factor when choosing a mattress is (drum roll please) HOW IT FEELS!. Different people require different firmness levels depending on factors like size and weight, physical activity level, and existing medical conditions.

The only way to determine if a mattress is correct for you is to lie on it. With each and every mattress that you try, you should be on it for a minimum of 10 minutes, laying on your back, your side, or even your stomach. When you go shopping for a new mattress don't just run in and out of stores on your lunch break. The whole process of choosing the proper sleep system will take some time, but after investing this time wisely you will rest comfortably for years.

Rarely are couples exactly the same height, weight, or body type, so more and more often people are discovering that sleep systems such as power adjustable beds, digital air beds, and the new Zip-it mattress system, which allow for individual tailoring of each partner's side, are preferable.

Another factor in the overall comfort of your sleep system is the bed linens that you choose. A soft, smooth set of sheets that will not wear thin or pill (those annoying little bumps), coupled with the correct thickness and firmness of pillow, and good quality mattress pads or mattress protectors can make a huge difference in the restfulness of your sleep environment.  


There are far too many mattress retailers around today who will try to attract your business with the cheapest prices in town. We are definitely in agreement with people saving money, but not when it comes to sacrificing the comfort or quality of your sleep. In order to manufacture and sell cheap sleep systems, corners must be cut, and quality and durability lost.

What must be remembered is that very few if any products that you own are actually used as much as your bed. Try to think of any other item you own which gets used roughly eight hours per day, every day, and how long those items will last. Purchasing a low quality, cheap sleep system will not only be wasting your money, as you will need to replace it far too often, but it will reduce your comfort level much more quickly than a high quality one will, as its ability to support you will deteriorate far more rapidly than a better built model.    

Other Factors

There are always other factors involved in making the correct decision on your new sleep system, but because every person is different, they must be addressed individually during your shopping process. By keeping the two main concerns listed above in mind, and dealing with knowledgeable sleep consultants, you will be successful in finding your correct sleep environment. 

At Sleepers Specialty Sleep Shop each and every member of our staff has over 30 years of experience with all forms of sleep systems. Come visit our showroom and let us help you achieve the best sleep you have ever had.