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Choosing Kids' Beds 101

Let your child be in on the choice

One of the first things we have learned about children's beds and bedroom furniture is that if they have a role in choosing their own bed style, mattress, accessories, etc. they are much more comfortable in their room. This leads to a much greater willingness to go to bed when asked, use their room for study and homework, and take pride in keeping it clean. 

Always buy quality

Parents always want their children to have the best of anything they can offer. We have raised children ourselves and understand this feeling completely.

If you are working with a limited budget when furnishing your child's room, look at what items they really need and concentrate your spending in those areas. As an example, most younger children only require a good mattress, a frame or headboard with it, and limited storage space. By purchasing items like good quality drawer storage bases and bookcase style headboards, you can offer these basic needs for them now, and add additional pieces (nightstands, drawer chests, desks, etc.) as they, and their needs grow.  You, your children, and your wallet, will appreciate this method much more than buying a complete low quality suite, which will not stand up to everyday use and can require replacement in as little as two years.

Plan for the long term

Let's say that you and your children agree that a bunk bed is the way to go. It is important not only to purchase a good solid one that will stand up to the climbing and playing on, but to look for one that can be separated into two individual beds (or a loft bed and separate bed, etc.) at a later date. This will maximize the usefulness of the purchase for a much longer period of time, once they feel they have outgrown the bunk bed. With some helpful advice from our knowledgeable staff, this method of planning can also be applied to any style of bed and bedroom furniture you and your children desire.      

Choosing Mattresses

There are several basic areas to consider when choosing a child's mattress.

If the child is in the 2 - 6 year old range they are unlikely to be able to feel much difference from one mattress to another, so you must make the correct choice for them. The factors to consider in this case are how large or heavy are they for their age range, how active are they, and do they have any existing medical conditions. All of these areas can be addressed with our friendly and knowledgeable staff who are here to help.

If they are in the 7 - 16 year old range, their bodies are still continuing to develop physically, but just like adults, they will be able to tell which mattress feels best. It is therefore important for them to lay on several models to select the one that suits them best. At this age there is also a good chance that they will be choosing a larger (double or queen size) mattress that will last them well into early adulthood, so as always it is important to choose a good quality, durable, and comfortable model. 

If you have any questions regarding these pointers, or any other aspect of choosing your children's room decor,  please visit our showroom or contact us by phone or email. We are always here to help.